Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Trip to California

David and I planned to take a quick "one-dayer" trip up to Big Bear to try out the new snowboards we had gotten, but since I officially have the weekends off :) we decided to make it into a romantic weekend for the two of us! We flew into San Diego instead of Ontario and stayed were able to stay on my Mom's boat. The first night we ate at Island Pasta and Moo Time Creamery, which has been a tradition for us since 1st visiting Coronado. The next morning we woke up quite early and took the agonizing 3 hour, twisting and winding, drive up to Big Bear. We had the greatest time snowboarding and we both LOVED our new boards, so it was definitley worth the 6 hours of driving on some of the scariest road ever! That rest of the weekend we did a lot of eating at our favorite places in Coronado, and actually were able to spend some time together...which has been rare for us the last few years... :)
**The very spot we were married 6 1/2 months earlier**

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girls Weekend in Colorado!

Ashley and I visited one of our best girlfriends in CO for the weekend and had the most amazing time! I have never laughed so hard, for so long, in a very long time! We visited the New Belgium and Budweiser Breweries and spent a day hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park, which is beautiful! We also had a few drinks along the way... :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A goodbye to one fabulous lady...

Jane Overstreet
May 23, 1916- February 2, 2009
It has taken me a long time to be able to write this due to the fact that my Great-Grandmother's passing was hard for me to take. I was with her when she passed away and I had become very close to her in the few years before hand.

She was one fabulous woman! :) Although she was 92 she was still living on her own and if it was not for my Grandma prying her beloved Buick keys from her hand she would have still been driving. She always had to look her best and was neatly dressed, was prefectly ironed, and accessorized to the "T" even while spending the day at the grocery store. She was always cracking joke and asking why she had to be in rehab, after her first broken hip, with so many old people and even after breaking her second hip a few weeks later, she refused to eat anything but chocolate cake! I guess she deserved to eat chocolate cake at that point! :) I would love visiting her for lunch and going through all of her photo albums from when she was young...she constantly amazed me when we would go through every picture and she would remember each person, even if they had not been someone close to her, and she was only 8-10 years old in some of the pictures! In my last few visits with her she would constantly say how great of a family she has, how she was so blessed that we are all so close, and I always was sure to remind her that it was all because of her! :)

After thinking about things I have come to be at peace with the fact that she was extremely blessed in life and in death and she made sure to pass a lot of her blessings onto her family... thank you Great-Grandma...we love you and miss you so much!