Tuesday, June 30, 2009

House sitting...

We spent some time watching my Dad's house while he was out of town. It is so beautiful, but not super close to town, so we kind of felt like we were camping the whole time. We ended up having friends up one Saturday and they definitley helped to entertain us for the day! :) We all had a blast!

**This is the frog that would swim in the dogs water every night**

**Cleo attempting to play tug-of-war with my Dad's dog Bear**

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nursing school here I come...

So...since I officially have accepted my "acceptance" (I know that sounds funny) into nursing school I thought I would post about how excited I am for the HUGE life change! I was in new home sales for five long years, which was an amazing job I have say, but I decided about a year ago that it was not really what I wanted to do the rest of my life. So...after some soul searching I finally found my new calling...nursing. I finished all my pre-req.'s while working full-time and planning our wedding (quite the ordeal), and was finally able to apply for the program in October. HOWEVER, the worst part was knowing that it could be up to 2 years before I got into the program due to the HUGE wait list. :( My next goal became getting a scholarship. After interviewing, and waiting patiently for a few months, I found out in March that I was awarded a full-ride scholarship from Catholic Healthcare and, as a result, was awarded acceptance into the CGCC fall nursing program. It has been a long road, and will continue to be a long road since I will be in school again for at least two years, but I could not be more excited!!! :)