Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day trip to Sedona...

I have been wanting to go camping all summer, but have not been able to convince David how much fun it can be since he has never been, so I decided to start small with a day trip. We headed up to Sedona and I had the smart idea of going to slide rock, but I failed to realize how crazy busy it get's! We had to wait in an hour long line just to enter the parking lot!! After we made it in we realized that the water was way too cold, so we mainly sat and watched everyone slip and slide all over the place. I really think that is why the call it slide rock and not because of the rock slides. :) After slide rock we went back into town and got some lunch, walked around some cute shop areas, and really just spent some quality time together. :)

How did dirt biking become my Husbands new hobby?!

I am thinking that I can blame this all on Todd, my good friend Ali's husband. We now have to deal with our Husband's being gone every weekend morning and some week day nights so they can go to the track. Well...since they love it so much Ali and I decided to try it out and we actually had a blast! :) This time out at the track they entered a team race, which is pretty much an 1.5 hour relay race...

**Ali and I just enjoying watching the guy's** :)

**The guy's preparing their bikes for the big race**

**The sunset over the track**

**David preparing to take off **

**David in action :)**

**Ali and Todd after the big race**

**Shane and Eric**

**David posing for the camera**

**I am happy he made it back safe and he just had an awesome time**

**The interesting announcer who loved Shane's "Happy Hour" pants**

**They did it!**

Erin and Bob's engagement party...

Our good friends Erin and Bob were finally engaged earlier this summer and we were finally able to celebrate! They had an amazing engagement party at Casey Moore's in Tempe...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rate My Space

I love HGTV, I am actually obsessed with HGTV :), and I use as my entertainment when I can't find anything else to keep myself busy. I know it is kind of sad, but I was so bored one day I went around taking pictures of our house and I actually posted them on Rate-My-Space. I was kind of scared about the kind of comments I thought I would get, but it actually has not been as bad as I thought! Here is the link to my here. :)