Monday, January 19, 2009


6 Quirky Things About Me:
1. I have a slight obsession with making everything in my home perfect...most likely because I work in model homes all day. I literally have to have magazines in perfect piles on my coffee table, candles burning, bows tied around my towels in my guest bath, etc...
2. For some reason I tend to make things example, I will say "hey David, didn't we have such and such...", and he will look at me like I am crazy, and I realize that I either dreamed it up, or just literally made it up in my head! :)
3. I, like Haley, must change out of my clothes and shoes and into my pajamas as soon as I get home. I will literally go shower as soon as I set my purse down, get into my pj's, and then cook dinner...That way I can just relax and eventually crawl into bed without having to go through all the trouble of getting ready for bed when I am half asleep...
4. I love kids, and no matter where I am, I bend down to their level and talk to them face to face. I call all little girls "princess" and all little boys "handsome" without thinking and some of them do tend to get scared of me!
5. I get hungry every two hours and it is so crazy that I actually have bags of trail mix in my car so that I can feed my hunger at anytime. If I am hungry for too long I become a huge grouch...
6. When I asked David to come up with one quirky thing about me he said "you always have to be doing something!". I literally cannot sit at home on my day off...I have to have my whole day planned out and am constantly on the go. I get bored very easily, so keep myself going, which David is going to hate once we start having day's off together! :)

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Superbowl here we come!!!

I have to say that I am one SUPER excited Cardinals Fan! I have not been able to stop smiling since their win against Philly, which was one nerve-wracking afternoon!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

**Christmas Day**

Our first Christmas morning as a married couple! :) It was so nice to spend some time together, before getting together with the whole crazy family. I turned on the fake fireplace on TV (as you can see in the background of David's picture), and some Christmas music, and we exchanged gifts. It was pretty funny because we both got eachother the watches we had wanted, and David cheated on his gift (we had a limit since we are going to Park City in Feb.) by stuffing my stocking with the cutest letter and telling me he was also sending me to a day-at-the-spa! :) He is definitley an AMAZING husband!

**The puppies got stocking's too and pulled out the new toys immediatley! :) John, Sarah, and Spencer ended up coming over for breakfast so we had a big Christmas morning feast of orange cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon, and toast! :)**

We spent Christmas day at my Dad's house and had the best time! We got to see his new barn where my Sister and Ryan are planning to have their reception, and it is amazing! The whole Owens' family came over, so it was nice to see them all.

**Christmas Eve**

We spent Christmas Eve with at the Swenson's and had so many presents under my Mom's 12' tree that we could not walk in the living room! We all went to Christmas Eve service and came back for spaghetti and chili before opening the mountain of presents, which was quite crazy! :)