Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The holiday's 2009-2010

SO strange to write 2010! Now that the holidays have flown by I figured I should post the pictures before we get too far into the New Year!
The holidays were amazing and completely wonderful, but they flew by! We spent Thanksgiving with my Mom and David's family...which was great to have the traditional turkey dinner followed by African food that night. Christmas Eve was spent at our house and became bigger than we expected once my Grandma got sick and my Brother, Sister Sarah, and her boyfriend Spencer ended up at our house with David's Mom and Aunt. Rather than one roast chicken I ended up with three! Everything turned out great though and we had the best time sitting around and talking! Christmas morning we headed to my Mom's where her entire living room floor was covered with gifts. She had 17 ppl. sitting around tearing into gifts for about an hour...it was pure craziness! After lunch we headed up to my Dad's where we were able to see my Grandma and Grandpa Owens, along with my cute-as-ever cousins Kiki and Grant.
Sorry...lots of picture
**The girl's on my Mom's birthday**

Christmas Eve at our house...

Christmas Morning at our House...

Mom's House on Christmas Morning...

**John was so tired he fell asleep while texting! :)**

*The Johnson Family**

**Grandma and Benji the reindeer**

**The Swenson Boy's**

**Aunt Lydian and Bobby**

**Grandma and Uncle Kevin**

**I told you her floor is covered!** :)

**Mom and her new cupcake set**

Dad's House on Christmas Afternoon...

**Kiki and Grant**

**Sarah and Spencer**

**Dad and Beth**

**Grandma and I**

**Landen and his new air gun**