Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Independence Day...and a few more things :)

July 4th, 2010 was spent in Coronado, just like almost every other year of my life. We cannot get enough of this place, and felt so blessed to share the time with my family. Although it was chilly the last couple day's, and the fireworks were kind of a dud, we had the greatest time!
Ok, so I have been so incredibly MIA due to the immense challenge of block 2 nursing school at CGCC. Unlike most MCC we somehow had the short end of the stick and found this to be extremely challenging. I lost some close friends, and am a little nervous to go back in the Fall, but I do feel blessed to have made it through and onto block 3...the fun part (Ped's and OB). I also feel so lucky to have been chosen for an Extern position in OB at Mercy. I heard that they received 200+ applications, and although I will be working 12 hour night shifts, I am so thankful! My first night shift is tomorrow night, and I am not quite sure how to work this whole thing, so I decided to take advice from another night shift nurse, and stay up late the night before. Hence...the blog post, out of the blue, at 2am! :) Maybe I will get better at these blog posts with this new schedule!