Saturday, October 27, 2012

Olivia is 4 months!!
 (or was on Oct. 9th...sorry a little late)
At 4 months Olivia has become one smily, giggly, and talkative little girl, and has even started rolling all over. We even decided to have her start sleeping in her crib after she started to try to roll out of her co-sleeper. :) She is loving all the space in her crib though and we find her in new positions every time we check on her. 
She is also becoming such a big girl! According to her amazing Pediatrician, Dr. Kanagal, she say's she is one of the most proportionate babies she's ever seen. :)
Height: 25" (77 percentile) and Weight: 14lbs. 10 oz. (72 percentile)